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Diploma of Logistics


Mount Druitt

This diploma teaches broad-based management functions such as risk management and customer service plus how to manage the full supply chain lifecycle, from procurement through to storage and logistics.

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Entry Requirements
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One, some or all of these entry requirements must be met. Check with the provider before enrolling.

Nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.
Coursework, assessment

Course Overview

By completing this qualification successfully you’ll acquire skills and knowledge that prepare you for employment in one of the roles listed below.
  • Logistics Manager

Course Content

To obtain a Diploma of Logistics with Western Sydney Institute, you’ll need to complete some or all of the following units of study successfully. Units may vary or change so check with the provider before enrolling.

A total of 15 Study Units must be completed to attain this qualification.

Core Units

2 Core Units must be completed to attain this qualification.

  • Administer chain of responsibility policies and procedures

  • Develop and maintain operational procedures for transport and logistics enterprises

Elective Units

13 Elective Units must be completed to attain this qualification.

Elective Units for this course and provider may be changing. Check with provider before enrolling.

Course Provider

TAFE Western Sydney is a vocational education and training provider dedicated to shaping the futures of individuals, community and industry in Western Sydney and further.

TAFE Western Sydney is also a leading provider of distance education through its specialist distance and online learning brand, OTEN (the Open Training and Education Network). OTEN’s training provides a high level of individual support, flexibility as well as advanced technologies which allow students to study at their own pace.

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